Imagery proof of civilization reset, i.1019 calendar, Tartaria, and false history. Biblical nonsense.

Did you know that the flat-Earth matrix we call Earth is terraformed by CONCINENTAL earthworks and civilization resets quite regularily? That parts of Paris is burried under 50 feet of dirt, with buried civilizations and buildings from North America to Moscow? That the last reset happened 200 years ago, with many natural and manmade disasters by the controllers?

Do you know that all medieval and ancient history is mostly Jesuit lies? That we know nothing about our reality? That the ice-caps, the sand of Sahara, and ice of Greenland were non-existant on old maps? That Friesland disappeared? That the Great Lakes were artificially made, destroying major Tartarian cities very recently? 

That 90% of all history is wrong, that Great Tartary (Aryan Empire of Rus) was the first historical Empire and that they colonized the world and America with Roman cities prior to Columbus?

Do you know why there are no graves older than 400 years anywhere in the world? Because Joseph Scaliger added 1000 years to human history. Do you know that the medieval dark ages never existed, and that we live in the year i.1019 after Jesus?

Did you know that Abrahamism was an invention, and that supercomputers made up the Greek and Hebrew alphabet alongside the Bible to create western identity to overthrow the eastern Aryans/Tartars? This is proSlavic person. Did you know that the world`s greatest mathematician, Anatoly Fomenko, proved that the Old Testament was written after the New Testament by benedictine monks in i.100, and that the kingdoms of Judah, Israel, and the temple of Solomon never existed on a probability of 1000.000 to 1? WAKE UP NEO! 

All this is evident in the old maps and proofs I have collected for this site.

Enjoy with a cup  of coffee!