So you`re finally awake, Neo?

Welcome to the light! The mudflood conspiracy is a topic of pseudo-history growing in popularity. But are conspirasies real? Is not what happens behind closed doors at a Bilderberg group meeting a conspiracy? So conspirasies are real, but to what extent?

How much of world history can be validated by documents, observation and the sciences if the governments and intelligence agensies control these schools of science like: Astrology, physics, history, archeology, noetic science etc?

Never take anything for truth! All you`ve been told is a lie! 

It is time to wake up and study alternative history.

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The alternative chronology by Anatoly Fomenko and the research of Sylvie Ivanova.


Have you ever heard of the mud-flood of the 19th century? What if I told you that the controllers of domed Earth who created all religions have reset civilization several times in the last 1000 years, and that we are approaching a new reset when the blonde race will even be forgotten from history? There is proof to show it. What if the book of Revelations could be dated to the 16th century, by Anatoly Fomenko, and is a work to frame Christianity and make Jesus the antichrist 666? There is proof to show it – the length Satan would go to undo the character, work, and memory of Jesus, even resetting civilization in the 18th century mudflood for the completion of his antichrist plan.

Now don`t get me wrong. I`m not your regular mud-flooder, and it`s not really about mud: It`s more about the technology and civilizations the mud destroyed, something Sylvie Ivanova has a YouTube channel called ¨newearth¨ about, having made the best 26 episode long documentary on mankind`s TRUE history available anywhere on the planet, based on Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko`s 22 books on New Chronology and her own extensive research at her website, Here is the 26 episode documentary I finished watching yesterday.

Go to bitchute to watch it uncensored.

Here is my playlist for all other important topics concerning this age: This is top secret stuff they don`t want you to know about!

But before you embark on the greatest of all conspiracies, I recommend researching at the only alternative history forum, , including the mysterious mudflood/mud-rain topic of regular resets of humanity by the controllers of this Matrix. At the forum, you will find great posts about Tartary, the 1000 invented years, and the ¨pious fraud¨ of the Catholic monks who re-wrote history alongside Joseph Scalliger to start a New World Order illegitimately based on the Judeo-Christian Greek-Roman invented civilization. I also compiled the best (as of today) mud-flood, reset, and alternative history videos in this playlist, many of which are second range productions, while others are scholarly and factually based.

Alternative history, the idea of a flat-Earth, resets by the controller (Elohim), and massive geo-engineering by them, as in the mudflood, are an upcoming branch of what would easily be seen as fringe, even by conspiracy-reality related groups and people. But put all your beliefs on the shelf for a week and re-evaluate your reality afterwards.

The work of Anatoly Fomenko is supported by the top world Chess player, Russian Gary Kasparov and many others.

Real history, not that which is taught by quackademics, point to our western civilization as Slavic and/or ¨Nordic/Caucasian/Aryan¨ in origin, with a ¨Roman-medieval¨ cover up greater than that of the flat Earth. The greatest conspiracy is that of covering up the world`s true history.

These Slavs, blondes, redhead, and races extinct, came as a remnant and called themselves the ¨scattered ones/the Russia¨ as translated from Slavic. Their ¨Roman¨ architecture, most of which is in Turkey, and from North America to China, not in Rome, is proof of a global coherent culture whose controlled downfall 200 years ago, was necessary for the rise of quackademia. Scalar weapons, giants, atmospheric ¨Tesla¨ electricity already 400 years ago, megalithic building techniques and true sciences based on alchemy and the ETHER were part of the reasons why the controllers, the syndicate trade-federation, called ¨the New Atlantis¨, profited from the downfall of this first worldwide Empire of Great Tartary (TartARYA), where the Caucasian Khans of Tartary ruled. (There never was a mongol Empire, the Great Khan trans. Genghis Khan was a blonde or redhead Tartarian, depending on sources.)

Blonde and redhead mummies, depictions, with coherent burial and daily life culture are found from south-America to China, the ¨unreadable¨ Etruscan (early ¨Roman¨) alphabet is readable by any Slavic-speaking person, the mameluke Egyptians were blonde Slavs, Genghis Khan was the blonde or redheaded Emperor of Tartary, (who was not a Mongol), Napoleon fought Tartary along with the Romanovs, discrediting history as proven by coins, blondes appear in North America, South America, New-Zealand, and the Berber/Barbar tribe of north Africa still hold onto their Slavic culture of cloths, prior to any colonization, the New World Order beginning with the Phoenician Jews, continuing through Rome, through Europe, and was already planned out and finalized as the world today; already by the invention of the heliocentric model and the colonization era, (E.g Cortes the Spanish Conquistador general and his massacre) a collaboration of all Christian Europe to destroy all Aryan survivors, the Tartarian empire, the African cultures, the Asian cultures, with massacres.

These ¨Russia/scattered ones¨ whom civilized the world after a very real catastrophe about 7000 years ago, giving rise to the Jewish/Phoenician and Russian calendar, popularly called the fall of Atlantis, which was actually not an Island, but a civilization that fell, was needless to say the enemy of the NWO political narrative of cultural-Marxism and globalism. After endless, peaceful domination by the blonde Tartars, the western Satanists of Christianity destroyed the entire world at the time of a great natural catastrophe known as the ¨mudflood¨, using it as a reset of civilization, burying our history, introducing new people, and a new model of science and history: Great Tartary: The Greatest cover-up of all time.

Anatoly Fomenko also proves that when Joseph Scaliger, a chronologist, rewrote history for the pope, and purposefully invented 1000 years, converting the ¨i¨ for ¨Iesus¨ to a ¨1¨, so that the dates of ancient coins where it says i656 would by historians today be read as 1656. This was purposeful for the pope and Scaliger, a French Jesuit whose father was named Julius Caesar, as they both invented new calendars. Scaliger invented the Julian calendar, named after his father. The Gregorian calendar of BC (before Christ) and A.D (anno domine/In the year of our Lord) was declared the new worldwide calendar by pope Gregory 13th in 1582.

You might think the war on whites is a new phenomenon? TPTB have worked hard for our true blonde history to be forgotten, considering the blonde aboriginal New-Zealanders, many blonde Aztecs, the African blonde Berber tribe of the former country of Barbaria, the blonde Genghis Khan and the Golden Hoarde of Tartary (known by their golden hair), the Goths, the caucasian Chineese, and the Mameluke dynasty of Egypt before Napoleon being BLONDE CAUCASIANS, according to the real history presented by Fomenko and Ivanova, Genghis meaning only ¨great¨, as any of the emperors of Great Tartary, with the story about Mongolian horseriders completely invented, Mongolia having only 20.000 citizens only 100 years ago, who knew nothing of a Genghis Khan.

It was in fact the blonde-redhaired Slavic people from the river Volga, who dominated all world history and created all civilization, including the Vedic, the Christian, the Egyptian and the South America civilizations, all based from Great Tartary. The so-called unreadable ancient early-Roman Etruscan alphabet in Jerusalem and everywhere else, at the time of Jesus, can be read by any Slavic person today, as both the Greeks, and Etruscan/early Romans, etc, were caucasian Slavs, dominated by the Eastern Empires of that time.

Anatoly Fomenko proves with mathematics that the Biblical and historical Kingdoms of the dark ages – ancient times, were invented. He proved this by math, mapping what he called ¨phantom dynasties¨, dynasties made up for us to believe our civilization is Judeo-Roman and not Slavic, giving power to the Satanic European ¨New Atlantis trade federation¨ / the New World Order planned with the Phoenician invention of Abrahamic literature, enforced since the 15/500`s, which ended in the carpet bombing and mud-flooding of Great Tartary, the last stronghold of humanity, an empire bigger than Russia once.

Anatoly Fomenko`s works, ¨New Chronology phantom dynasties¨ proves with 1000000-1 that the Kings, stories and Kingdoms of Judah and Israel never existed, the new and old testament being only fictional, with Slavic language found all over Jerusalem, and the Mediterranean, everywhere, and with the ancient Roman empire, nor Greek culture ever existing (in the form we learn today), Rome emerging in the late middle ages, as there never was a Jesus, Pilate, a Herod, or a temple of Solomon. Further proof that the Greek-Roman and Hebrew language and history was invented by a supercomputer/the writing of the Bible after a reset, comes with the unexplainable 7-digit numeric code of gematria found throughout the entire new and old testament, as discovered by Ivan Panin.

How can this be true? How could the peasant class not notice they added 1000 years by gradually making the i into a 1? Look at late medieval coins and dates. Look at maps. The mudflood alternative history is not a hypothesis, it`s an irrefutable scientific fact. Most great cities in the world, from Russia to Paris to England to America were buried in up to 25 meters of mud (in the case of ¨the hole in Paris¨), but we don`t know how. Some theorize there were several mudfloods, one also in the 1600`s, and that the controllers are fallen angels based in higher dimensions, in Antarctica and underground bases, capable of Matrix reality control beyond our imaginations, who fooled us with the Bible, and plagiarized the Slavic Pharaoh Osiris Jesus into Greek-Roman version of history.

Angkor Wat, the ruins of Egypt, and most ruins of the pre-flood world of Tartary were shining until 200+ years ago, and Columbus never discovered America, where early maps and explorer diaries tell of marvellous Roman-style cities, with aqueducts standing til this day. Napoleon destroyed the blonde Mameluke dynasty of Christian Egypt, vandalizing all ruins, sending the back into ancient times when they were shining only 250 years ago… He ordered his men to shoot the sphinx, there are countless sources. Pagan Egypt never existed and the hieroglyphs told stories of the Bible, before a false Egyptian alphabet was introduced after much effort.

We`re talking of an age of elites, where the west were basically slaves to the great Russian hoard, known as the ¨golden hoard¨, as all describe their horsemen as blonde. Through allying with the fallen angels, the west won the war and destroyed all high-culture, all true science and the white race, the blonde Slavs, the chosen people of the Sun, who Jesus was off.

But how??? Benedictine monks rewrote history in the (i100-i200) 11th-12th century, plagiarizing Osiris Jesus, and the Vatican Jesuits continued to rewrite history in regular resets, by copying ancient texts into something completely new, with the original texts always conveniently lost in church-fires. Today, we have not a single reliable text older than 400-500 years, and although these texts claim they`re copies of older texts, all texts admit to ¨adopting history to the most recent opinion,¨ the Pope`s opinion. Supposedly the only ancient texts we have, like the Nag Hammadi and Dead-Sea scrolls, etc, are certainly fake. There are no old Bibles or old Qurans in the world, both having been re-written many times. There is no cemetery older than 200 years anywhere in the world, only Jewish ones, as the reset destroyed all traces of the old i/iesus calendar system, adding 1000 years to history. We advanced technology and electricity, tanks, helicopters, airplanes and nuclear bombs at the time of the Napoleon wars.

Jesus was a composite figure, or the true name of the true God of the survivors/Slavs, from what we know. Jesus might very well be God himself, while the invented history of Abrahamism being pagan.

The purpose of inverting, perverting, and destroying history, cosmology and science with replacement of false ones, adding 1000 artificial years to our calendar, as done by the Jesuits, Benedictine monks, and Joseph Scallinger, is seen today, deceiving humanity to think that peaceful, global high-tech civilizations never existed, and that there has always been war. But reality is that mankind prospered and built Tartarian (¨Roman¨) megalithic structures from Japan to North and South America (prior to Columbus) , which we cannot replicate today, with ¨Tesla¨ etheric/atmospheric electricity only 250 years ago…

And if any of these peaceful Eastern civilizations, vassal-states of the Tartarian Empire, like the Khmer Dynasty that made Angkor Wat ever wanted world domination, we would be speaking their language now, but the Phoenicians/Jews, with their occult sorcery, conquered the world through black magick. Look at the level of technology and the giant doors, giant books, and giant skeletal remains all over the world. IF the giants of Tartary would have wanted world domination, they certainly would have succeeded.

Do you really believe it`s natural human behaviour to war other nations regularly every 30-40 years, as false European history and false Bible stories tells us? 1000.000 Ethiopians dying in Israel? Solomon having 1000 wives? The Talmud telling of how Rome killed 16 million Jewish infants? These fabrications of war, fabrications of false science, and all others, are to make us dependent on the state for protection, materialistic, predatorial and individualistic: Caught in an everlasting illusion. ¨Survival of the fittest.¨


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